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Testimonials CEO, Extractive Industry (Australia) Superb coaching! Focused, person and results oriented. Great ROI! Got my entire family to benefit from Johannes’ coaching skills. Have his number on my personal speed dial list.  Deputy Director General, European Commission (Belgium) After having experienced the services of several EC coaches, I followed the recommendation of a senior German official to talk to Mr. Seybold Having a person to bounce off thoughts and ideas in a non-compromising way came as a real relief to me. I greatly appreciate his professional experience as a former senior UN official and as a leadership coach, his dedicated client focus, and his flexibility as he strives to make himself available when the need for a talk arises. Member of the European Parliament (Belgium) I struggled with a major ethical dilemma that I asked Johannes to support me with. We looked at my personal value and belief systems and linked the results to the issue at hand. This allowed me to take a decision based on what was genuinely important to me. Although that led to some bruises, I could firmly stand by my decision. Thank you, Johannes, for having helped me achieve clarity. I am immensely grateful for your support. State Secretary, Federal Ministry (Germany) Mr. Seybold is a highly experienced coach with extensive first-hand knowledge of the many challenges a senior civil servant faces in Government.  He is an ardent listener who poses pertinent and sometimes very hard questions that zoom in on the issue at hand. From all the coaches I had the pleasure to work with, he stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. Head, Strategic Human Resource Development (Germany) Dear Mr. Seybold, many thanks for your excellent lecture that will help us advance the topics of stress management and mindfulness within the organisation. I have forwarded your documentatig.deon to the participants and have again received positive feedback. See you soon, all the best to you! Nurse for Anesthesia and Intensive Care (Germany) With a proper dose of skepticism, I turned to you this summer on the recommendation of a friend. Coaching against flight phobia? Can this work at all? Flight phobia has accompanied me for many years and has limited me significantly. As a professional woman who deals with life effortlessly and who knows how to effectively deal with problems, it was not easy for me to reveal this fear, let alone fight it. When I was about to cancel a family trip to America, a friend of mine told me about his positive coaching experience with you. Fortunately! Already the first telephone contact left a good impression. During the ensuing coaching sessions, I worked with an attentive and calm person. No promises were made, and honest interest in my problem was ubiquitous. This I felt very strongly and thus it was not difficult for me to open up to the coaching experience. Whether it was the professional hypno coaching or the conversations in which I learned a lot about myself - unbelievable but true: My flight phobia is history and I want to express my respect and sincere gratitude for this great work. I hope that many people can benefit from your impressive skills! PhD Student (Germany) Dear Mr Seybold, already I am so grateful for your support! Yesterday, I could thoroughly enjoy the panel discussion, it was excellent! Afterwards, I could approach people whom I had not dared to talk to before due to my anxieties. Now I have obtained so many fascinating insights and I even was positively surprised by some people whom I had regareded as sources of  my anxieties. It simply is unbelievable! Many, many thanks! Medical Doctor (Germany) Dear Mr. Seybold, many thanks from my side as well for facilitating the recent group supervision of neurologists at our hospital. I have received very positive feedback from my colleagues and expressions of strong interest in a follow-up session. We are all looking forward to our next supervision! University Professor (Austria) I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Seybold at an informal dinner during one of his visits to Vienna. He asked me about my current life balance which – as was the case - was not grand. With three simple strokes he drew a chart onto the napkin depicting my professional life, my social life and me as an individual and asked me where I stood with regard to each of these life pillars. He then connected the dots and marked the area as my current life balance. Seeing my personal challenge so plainly before me came as a profound shock to me. He then asked what a more balanced situation would look like, connected the dots and showed it to me again. In less than ten minutes he had led me to where I had to start changing my approaches to my work, my social environment and vis-à-vis myself. In a private follow-up session, we looked at the levers that would lead to the change needed, identified priorities and developed concrete action points that have since led to a marked improvement of my life balance. I am truly grateful for his support and can highly recommend him as a coach. Senior Knowledge Specialist, United Nations (Nigeria) Hi Johannes, as always, a fantastic session... International Expert, Public Affairs (Romania) I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again! Amongst all the trainings I attended in Berlin, yours definitely was the highlight! It was exclusively tailored to my work, my project and my goals! Had I not participated in your course, I would have been much less prepared for my forthcoming assignment. Therefore, I am really looking forward to our coaching sessions via Skype as a natural prolongation of our excellent collaboration! Ergotherapist (Germany) Every encounter with you provides me with new insights aplenty and aplomb. Your wonderful seeing,  your sensitivity and your respectfully accompanying me touches me deeply. I can trust you completely... Ombudsman, Mediator, Lawyer with a focus on Compliance (Germany) Mr. Seybold focused our coaching discussion and challenged me in such valuing manner that I quickly felt confirmed in my plans.  It was essential to me to be convinced that I was on the right track. That nobody else but me can provide to me. Coaching helped me to positively assess what I had achieved thus far and allowed myself to trust my realism concerning the next steps. Mr. Seybold’s focused and supportive way of posing questions indicated to me that he is a good listener. Confirmed in essence, I immediately felt him understand me. Mr. Seybold fully met my high professional expectations concerning a non-directive and results-oriented coach. I wholeheartedly thank him and am pleased to recommend him as a coach. Industrial Engineer (Germany) Many, many thanks for this experience!!! I am still speechless and will need some time to process everything. It is amazing how quickly situations can be clarified that seemed to be absolutely insurmountable an hour ago.  What a fantastic commencement of the new month! Team Leader, Banking Sector (Germany) It has truly been a very helpful and fruitful experience, lots to think about and ideas brewing. Many, many thanks! Former Director at the United Nations (Italy) It was not that easy to coach me.  The big transition in my life from senior UN Director to a retiree and to searching and reinventing oneself as a Leadership Coach was quite a challenge! You heard that immediately and, in a perfectly neutral way, mirrored me where my passion and motivation were. Finally, I had succeeded in overcoming that notion of mine to see my life and my work as two different and colliding experiences and I could see the all-encompassing entity. I am truly grateful for your professional application of the methodology and your personal and empathic commitment. Furthermore, you have guided me to seeing my qualities, strengths, values and abilities. Your way of posing questions and your mirroring of what I had said were indefinitely helpful as well as your write-up, that I continue to use. I have had long and vast professional experience and I have undergone many trainings and coachings.  Based on that experience I can tell you that you are an exceptionally gifted coach. I want to thank you wholeheartedly. Programme Director, Publishing (Germany) The coaching situation was something completely new to me. Mr. Seybold quickly dissolved any of my prejudices and conveyed the impression that my topic was important and legitimate. Our conversation swiftly focused on the neuralgic issues without me feeling rushed or uneasy. It was important for me that Mr. Seybold did not enforce his views concerning my topic. Instead, he very effectively supported me in finding and articulating my own objectives.  His professionalism in leading the conversation went hand-in-hand with his broad knowledge of individual professional changes as well as change management processes at the leadership level in private enterprises. Diplomat (Hungary) To advance my professional development, a senior UN official suggested that I contact Johannes for coaching support. Johannes has excellent listening and communication skills and he immediately was able to assess and understand my needs. His broad professional background, his extraordinarily strong interpersonal skills and his ability to understand the challenges I was facing allowed for a coaching approach that helped me define my professional interest, formulate my own answers, and devise a tailored plan of action. During the coaching sessions, he was digging out my positive sides; he never gave me the feeling that I had been doing something wrong in the past; he never criticized me in any way! But he always and only gave me positive feedback... This made me feel comfortable and appreciated. He taught me how to apply a strategic approach to solving personal challenges and how and where to position myself in the professional market. His systemic coaching approach really changed the way I now consider challenges and solutions. I am very thankful for having been able to learn and practice how to be more focused in reaching professional targets. Fundraiser and Communication Consultant (Germany) I thank you for the lively exchange and the intense conversations via e-mail that we had in spite of the distance between us (Berlin – Vienna). In your trusting and calm way you enabled me to find the right direction to orient myself toward finding my own answers concerning my strengths and the areas of importance to me. That felt really good and reestablished my faith in my own abilities. I felt understood and am grateful for the nudge in the right direction. I have learned to more accurately define my abilities, wishes and aims. That provides a significant level of confidence in my work environment as well as in private life. I now have a clearer vision of myself as well as of people around me. It is possible that this calm manner and outlook toward the world and people were within me all along; however, your support has helped me to fully grasp and utilize it. Of course, your intervention was only one piece of the puzzle, albeit an important if not the most important one that led to a whole series of follow-up actions and decisions. In your being coach the essence of your experience is mirrored. You have such essential skills like empathy and understanding for your client. You guide through questions and convey the impression that one’s own answers lead the way to one’s own solutions. A coach should accompany a client, he should stimulate reflection and, if need be, provide support.  All this you do in your calm and considerate way. Such an approach distinguishes yourself as it provides the basis for your clients’ successes. That’s how a good coach should be. Diplomat (The Netherlands) Learning from Johannes' strategic insights, empathic listening skills and creative spirit has proven to be invaluable in my day-to- day activities. He helped me reflect upon difficult situations, helped me to invoke change and to work out how to balance relations by keeping the interest of 'the other person' in mind. He focuses not on the theory, but has helped me to come up with practical solutions; a very pleasant way of coaching. By doing so, his coaching has laid a foundation for my professional career, for which I am very thankful. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach. Senior International Health Expert (Germany) Wonderful. During my coaching session with you I felt taken seriously and understood in the way I was coping with my issue. I personally find your attentive manner sympathetic which allows for the quasi immediate creation of an atmosphere of trust. Again, I was impressed by the open manner in which you respectfully offer suggestions pertaining to critical points and a possible aim and objective of the discussion.  Before you know it, the essence of what is important at the time is identified. With regard to my challenge, the coaching offered me new perspectives and clarity and provided me with a practical tool for future situations. It now seems to me as if a part of my personal orchestra has been equipped with new sheet music and thus can continue playing.  The entire coaching process from A to Z was a wonderful flow. That keeps resonating. Thank you for this experience and the smile in my face. Political Scientist and Journalist (Spain) That fact that Johannes took the time to support me particularly at the beginning of my career has helped me a lot. I believe that he is simply passionate about coaching young managers. I had just started to work in a large, international organization that provided very limited internal support to staff and in this difficult work environment it was reassuring to know that I could approach Johannes with my questions and problems at any time to be met with sympathy and support. Quite often, his coaching constituted a challenge to me as he inspired me to explore new mindsets. He encouraged me to face up to sensitive issues with self-confidence and susceptibility. This led me to get better in some areas while learning completely new skills. Johannes understood that my weaknesses were less a result of limited experience or lack of knowledge but instead they resulted from my perception of how the world is or how - according to my own views - it should be. His coaching supported me in my consciously leaning into these weaknesses. Thanks to him, I am now better prepared for events that previously would have caused me to have sleepless nights; and all in all I feel much more relaxed, self-confident and optimistic in my work environment. UN International Civil Servant (Canada) Johannes’ amiable persona, perceptive listening ability, and empathetic and insightful approach to coaching render him an extremely valuable resource to any person or organization that may avail itself to learn from his broad international experience and astute interpersonal skills. Coaching sessions are comfortable, open, focused, and substantive. Strengths and needs are quickly identified, and practical solutions rendered, ensuring all the while that the professional interests and goals of his client(s) remain at the heart of his sessions. Within a short time, Johannes’ coaching led me from working in a support role on various fragmented tasks, to leading vast components of strategic planning and partnership-building initiatives for international organizations. I highly recommend him as a coach. Human Rights Activist (Kenya) Let me tell you, that to us you sounded like a prophet, and there is something about you, please don’t ask me what, because I am still trying to figure out what it is. I think you are a great man. I have never in my whole life met a white man who is so open like you are, forgive my choice of words, but that’s the very honest thing I have to tell you. I think you are one of few people who have got a big heart. God bless you!